Washroom and Floor Cleaner

How does it work?

The surfactant system provides wetting, penetrating, soil cutting and anti-redepositing action to effectively lift and remove body fats, scale and soils from the washroom surfaces. The microbes penetrate tiny pores and cracks in the various surfaces and establish effective self renewing biofilms within the surface, providing effective residual action and lasting protection long after the cleaning application has finished.

The microbial strains have been selected for their ability to degrade organic compounds by secreting enzymes which fully digest the organic debris, using it as a food source themselves. In particular, they target the breakdown of insoluble and unsightly uric scale, protein based deposits, volatile fatty acids and ammonia, providing odour control that is unachievable with traditional chemical cleaning products.

Core Benefits

  • Removes general soiling and staining, leaving surfaces sparkling clean and streak free.
  • Triple action – cleans, deodorises and reduces scale build up.
  • Specialist microbes break down organic matter, offering residual protection long after the cleaning application has finished.
  • Microbes penetrates and colonise porous surfaces eradicating bad odours at the source.
  • Leaves a long lasting, pleasant scent to revive and freshen the washroom.
  • Safe on all washroom surfaces.