How does it work?

Toilets and urinals smell, become covered in scale and unless cleaned effectively can have costly repercussions within the pipework of the drainage system.

Urinal & Toilet Cleaner combines biodegradable surfactants, fresh fragrance and specific microbial strains to digest organic debris at source.

The microbes secrete enzymes that break down:

  • insoluble and unsightly uric scale, significantly reducing its build up and potential to block pipes
  • organic compounds including ammonia, volatile fatty acids and proteinaceous waste, providing long lasting odour control.

Core Benefits

  • Triple action: cleans / deodorises / reduces scale build up
  • Viscous formulation to effectively clean and provide long last cling to toilet bowls and urinals
  • Specialised microbes establish effective self renewing biofilms deep inside inaccessible plumbing lines
  • Long lasting foam in the toilet bowl
  • The microbes break down organic matter including ammonia, volatile fatty acids, proteins and uric acid, long after product application
  • Natural, safe and effective way to combat organic waste and odour problems
  • Cleans pipes and drain lines
  • Safe on all washroom surfaces