Organic Acid Descaler

How does it work?

Organic and inorganic scale rapidly builds up in toilet and urinal bowls and associated pipework causing unpleasant odours, reduced flow and ultimately blockages.

Organic Acid Descaler is a concentrated yet natural product that attacks organic and inorganic scale on contact, rapidly breaking it down. The product is viscous enabling it to adhere strongly to pipework surfaces and also contains a surfactant to help loosen and lift stubborn deposits.

Regular preventative dosing with Organic Acid Descaler reduces scale build up leaving toilets and urinal systems clean as well as scale and odour free.

Core Benefits

  • Viscous formulation to effectively clean and provide long last cling to toilet bowls and urinals
  • Natural, safe and effective way to combat scale build up, unpleasant odours and blockages in pipework, especially effective in hard water areas
  • Safe on all washroom surfaces
  • Less hazardous than traditional corrosive chemicals such as mineral acids
  • Good material compatibility – does not attack seals etc.
  • Natural product, biodegradable
  • Does not sediment salts