Tank ClearTank Clear

How does it work?

High throughput and the confined nature of train toilets usually means that they quickly start to produce foul odours, unless cleaned and treated effectively.

Tank Clear differs from traditional toilet cleaners/treatments. Rather than mask the odour temporarily with fragrance, it combines biodegradable surfactants, fresh fragrance and product specific microbial strains to digest organic matter at

The product microbes secrete enzymes that break down:

  • insoluble uric scale, significantly reducing its potential to coat tank surfaces and block pipes.
  • organic compounds including ammonia, volatile fatty acids, proteinaceous and cellulose based waste, providing long lasting odour control.
  • build-up of organic solids, keeping the waste fluid and free flowing, making pump outs quicker and easier.

Core Benefits

  • Triple action: cleans / deodorises / reduces solids build up
  • The product microbes break down organic matter including ammonia, volatile fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates and cellulose based matter
  • Reduces BOD, COD and suspended solids
  • Prevents tank system from becoming anaerobic, significantly reducing foul odours
  • Improves tank pump-out as tank contents are kept fluid and free flowing
  • Natural, safe and effective way to combat organic waste and odour problems