How does it work?

Cost restraints and the often isolated nature of bus and train shelters mean that they are usually only subject to an infrequent, periodic clean down.

The harsh environment within which these shelters are situated and the infrequency of clean downs, results in the build-up of heavy contaminants such as carbonised oil and localised iron salt stains which cannot be removed by pressure washing and detergent cleaning alone.

The eco-friendly surfactants in Shelclean provide effective wetting, penetrating, emulsification and lifting of general dirt from the shelter surfaces.

The organic acid dissolves brake and iron dust particles, allowing for complete and effective removal of iron stains and brake deposits from shelter surfaces.

Soil removal is assisted by manual brushing and rinsing with fresh water.

Core Benefits

  • Shelclean contains detergents to rapidly remove dirt, oil and grime from surfaces
  • It makes an excellent fallout remover, removing brake/iron dust particles and iron stains
  • Contains no mineral acids minimising damage to surfaces
  • Rinses easily, with no damage glass or shelter surfaces
  • Specifically formulated for use within the harsh environment of the transport industry
  • Designed for manual application, in areas where staining and soiling is particularly heavy
  • Highly concentrated and very economical in use
  • Sustainable naturally derived formulation, safer for the environment as well as the user