How does it work?

Fast acting, effective and safer alternative to traditional gum, black marks and graffiti removal products. Designed to work against a multitude of difficult areas the product is proven to remove rubber marks, nail polish and marker pens as well as traditional graffiti and chewing gum.  

The biobased solvents work by effectively breaking the molecular bonds between the contamination/marks and the surface safely and easily allowing for effective and complete removal.

Core Benefits

  • Removes rubber marks (tyres, etc) and difficult to remove contaminants such as nail polish 
  • Removes chewing gum quickly and easily on all surfaces including carpet and other delicate areas
  • Removes graffiti including felt tip pen, marker pens, ballpoint inks, spray paints and general inks from surfaces
  • Does not damage the surface underneath or put the user at unnecessary risk
  • Fast acting, effective and safer alternative to traditional removal products
  • No chlorinated solvents, petroleum solvents, or flammable alcohols
  • Sustainable, naturally derived, readily biodegradable, powerful bio-based, detergent blend. Made from corn, soy, and citrus solvents
  • Concentrated formula, reducing the cost per application
  • Allows rationalisation of a number of specialist products