Bug Blitz

How does it work?

Bug Blitz’s surfactants quickly and easily penetrate the insect splatter, helping to soften the organic debris.

The tailored enzyme pack kick start the breakdown of the insect splatter and other organic deposits, including proteins and fats, allowing for their complete removal from surfaces.

The organic builder helps emulsify greasy soils by breaking them up into tiny globules. It suspends any loosened dirt and keeps it from settling back on the cleaned surface.

Core Benefits

  • Eco surfactant system provides effective wetting, easy lifting and emulsification of soils, dirt and grease from vehicle surfaces
  • Tailored enzymatic action kick starts the full break down of organic deposits enabling complete removal of debris from vehicle surfaces leaving them sparkling clean
  • pH neutral and safe for all vehicle surfaces
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly solution which delivers quick and effective cleaning and removal of inspect splatter