Biological Cleaning Powder

How does it work?

Biological Cleaning Powder contains a balanced blend of cleaning, alkalinity and chelating agents, producing a highly concentrated cleaner which removes dirt, emulsifies grease and keeps soil particles in dispersion. The product constituents work in synergy to remove contaminants from surfaces allowing them to be easily rinsed away.

The microbial strains secrete extra-cellular enzymes providing a wide range of degradation capabilities including proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose, fats, oils and greases to digest organic debris at source, removing unpleasant odours.

The pH regulators provide cleaning conditions that are sufficiently alkaline to help neutralise and dissolve soils, aiding the cleaning process, but are not so aggressively alkaline as to be harmful to the user or damage delicate surfaces.

The cleaning agents remove contaminants by lowering the surface tension of the solution, enabling soils to be penetrated and lifted from the surface. Greasy deposits are emulsified and prevented from being redeposited onto surfaces.

The natural water softener ensures superior product performance in hard water. It also contributes to the cleaning action of the surfactants, improving the overall removal of grease, oil, and stains.

Core Benefits

  • All in one product does the work of a variety of cleaners, making it incredibly versatile
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Application rate can be adjusted to suit the nature and degree of soiling
  • Specialist microbial strains have been incorporated to penetrate porous surfaces and break down organic matter removing the source of the odours
  • Natural water softener making it kinder to the environment
  • Lower pH in use, making it less aggressive towards surfaces than other cleaning powders on the market
  • Convenient 5Kg commercial pack size available, reducing packaging and transport costs. Ideal when storage space is limited
  • Highly soluble powder which leaves surfaces sparkling clean and refreshed with no residues even if overdosed
  • Effective in hard and soft water areas and at high dilution
  • Safe on a wide variety of surfaces including; UPVC window frames, panels, floors (inc. terrazzo, vinyl, altro and non-slip flooring, concrete), glass, stainless steel, windows, mirrors, carpets and upholstery 
  • Reusable trigger bottles available, substantially reducing the amount of plastic waste sent to landfill helping to improve sustainability targets