HSC Hard Surface Cleaner

How does it work?

A powerful water based enzymatic cleaner that is safer for the user and the environment. It combines with a heavy duty, quick breaking, multi-surfactant system to provide effective wetting, penetrating, soil cutting and anti-redepositing action which allows the quick emulsification and easy lifting of soils, dirt and grease from hard surfaces.

The product contains a plant derived, carbon neutral, VOC free eco-solvent which provides the benefit of extra solvency power when cleaning and effectively replaces the need for more conventional and hazardous solvents.

The tailored enzyme pack kick starts the breakdown of oily and greasy residues into shorter chain, more soluble molecules, allowing easier, faster removal of greasy deposits.

Regular use makes kitchen floors safer for workers, reducing slips.

Core Benefits

  • Fast, enzymatic action quickly cuts through the toughest, grease and dirt
  • Makes floors less slippery and hazardous
  • VOC free, carbon neutral, eco solvent quickly cuts through the toughest oil, grease and dirt
  • pH neutral and safe for all surfaces
  • Advanced detergent/solvent/enzymatic combination makes it an excellent choice for heavy duty spills as well as all round maintenance cleaning
  • Concentrated formula, reducing the cost per application
  • Contains a fresh and widely appealing fragrance which revives surfaces and leaves a long lasting pleasant odour