How does it work?

Food and other organic material is absorbed into fabric or other porous surfaces creating a source for malodours. Traditional chemicals are unable to reach deeply embedded stains and the organic source without damaging the fabrics, so a more subtle approach is required.

Soft Fabric Cleaner uses a unique range of microbes that produce enzymes to break down a wide range of organic matter quickly and without causing any damage or fading to soft fabrics.

The enzymes provide quick and effective odour and stain relief targeting the breakdown of human and pet soils and food based stains including proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and fats, oils and greases.

This allows complete removal of deeply embedded stains and provides optimal odour control.

Core Benefits

  • Naturally safe and gentle way of completely removing stains and odours, improving the longevity of fabrics as well as being kinder to the environment
  • Triple action: cleans / lifts stains / breaks down deep rooted stains at the source and deodorises
  • Microbes colonise the porous surface and provide long lasting residual action for the complete degradation of stains and removal of odours
  • Fast enzymatic action provides immediate odour relief
  • Suitable for use on most colour fast surfaces
  • Specifically designed to tackle organic based stains and odours from humans and pets (vomit, faeces, sweat and urine) and food based spills (milk, red wine, egg, gravy, sauces and fruit juices)