Odour Stopper

How does it work?

Odours from food and organic waste invariably penetrate porous surfaces, becoming deeply embedded in fabrics, carpets, seats and flooring.

Traditional air fresheners and cleaners provide temporary relief, but fail to address the cause of the problem, enabling bad odours to return.

Odour Stopper’s enzymes quickly and easily penetrate porous surfaces and fabrics, breaking down hidden organic based deposits at source, ensuring optimal and sustained odour control.

Core Benefits

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly solution which delivers quick and effective odour elimination
  • Breaks down odours at source rather than just masking the smell
  • Tailored enzymatic action increases the speed of odour removal
  • Dual action: cleans and deodorises
  • Ideal for industrial, institutional and commercial use
  • Suitable for use on most colour fast surfaces
  • Specific enzymes effective against organic based odours from human and pet accidents (vomit, faeces, sweat, urine and wet dog odours) and food based spills (milk, wine, egg, sauces, red wine, fruit juices)