How does it work?

The ingredients in Glass Cleaner work in synergy to tackle tough grime, light soiling and finger marks quickly and effectively.

The product has multiple modes of action:

  • The natural cleaning power easily cuts through grease and grime on the glass surface
  • The organic builder helps emulsify oily and greasy soils by breaking them up into tiny globules. It suspends any loosened dirt and keeps it from settling back on the cleaned surface
  • Low concentrations of naturally derived eco surfactants provide effective cleaning power whilst leaving a non-smearing finish, free of residue build up
  • The fast evaporating solvent ensures a sparkling finish is achieved quickly¬†and easily without the need for prolonged buffing

Core Benefits

  • Fast drying, leaving a crystal clear, streak free and sparkling shine
  • Removes grime, finger marks and general soiling
  • Superior cleaning power compared to other glass cleaners
  • No streak, no haze, no residue formula
  • Easy to use, natural and environmentally friendly formulation
  • Suitable for cleaning windows, mirrors, lift fronts and other glass surfaces