Removing odours at source

What causes odours?

The majority of odours in kitchens, washrooms and similar environments are caused by organic matter and to completely eradicate the odour, the organic matter needs to be broken down. Unpleasant smells can also be caused by non organic sources such as cigarettes and chemicals and they require a different method of treatment.
With their limited nature, traditional products are designed to clean areas and then mask odours by using powerful fragrance making the solution temporary, rather than to degrade the source of the odour which removes the odour permanently.

  • Organic matter breeds bacteria that can cause foul odour
  • Non organic smells such as smoke and chemicals,
  • Odour Degradation biotechnology destroys foul smells

Instant odour control

Where an instant effect is required, which is often the top priority when an odour is present, biotech uses plant extracts that either absorb unpleasant odours or bind to and inactivate odour-causing molecules.
  • Our odour trapper biotechnology binds with odour molecules, encapsulating them and preventing smell
  • Our odour neutralisation biotechnology absorbs odour molecules preventing the smell from forming
  • Our odour degradation biotechnology degrades the odour molecules themselves removing the smell

Stopping the source of odours

Enzymes breakdown and degrade organic matter which are source of most smells. This can take the form of tailored free enzymes in a product which act on areas they can reach or by the addition of specific microbe packages.

Microbes colonise an area, grow extremely rapidly and outcompete the wild bacteria creating enzymes to feed and removing the source of the odour. The key is to find the right bacteria that produce the right enzyme and to understand what causes odours – even leaving too much water behind after cleaning can cause bacteria to grow and odour!

  • Our products contain multi strain microbial packages designed for washrooms, kitchens and problem environments
  • Our bacteria reach deep into carpet piles and other soft fabrics, into drains, cracks and other areas difficult to reach
  • Our microbes leave strong biofilms that keep working after the initial clean and offer longer term protection against odour

The UK’s Leading Biotech Cleaning Brand

  • New generation of cleaning technology made from naturally derived ingredients
  • Reduced plastic pollution and CO2e from PCR bottles
  • Responsibly sourced packaging made from 100% recycled, FSC-certified cardboard
  • Carbon PAS2060 accredited with tree planting and VCS schemes in the UK and Amazon
  • Circular lifecycle model turning fully recycled materials into resources
  • 93% UK suppliers
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 accredited
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • No water pollution with wastewater treatment schemes
  • Minimal toxicity human and aquatic life
  • No testing on animals
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