Reduced carbon footprint

Reduce CO2e using sustainable technology

Traditional technology is primarily sourced from the petrochemical industry which has an enormous carbon footprint. The largest CO2e producing companies in the world are within the Oil industry. Our technology is a synergistic combination of renewably and sustainably sourced eco and bio technology which can help companies make a significant impact on their net zero targets.
  • Sustainable and renewable - not from fossil fuels
  • 75-100% CO2e saving vs traditional technology
  • Savings as high as 1.3kg CO2e / L (equivalent of 475ml of crude oil)

Reduce CO2e through recycled plastic

Our plastic is made from 100% PCR – the plastic is produced from recycled rather than virgin plastic. This avoids the extremely high CO2e cost of removing oil from the ground and transporting it across the world to be turned into plastic. A Closed loop system allows used bottles to be recycled, reusing the CO2e related costs of disposal while also using less energy and producing less related pollution.
  • Plastic bottles recycled in UK
  • PCR provides savings of more than 85% CO2e
  • a 5L 100% PCR Jerry Can saves 1.25kg CO2e vs an HDPE equivalent
  • Our plastic shrink wrap is biobased, carbon neutral and 100% recyclable

Reduce CO2e through local supply chain and transport

The energy involved in transport has a significant impact on CO2e. There are 3 primary ways of reducing this:
  • Using local suppliers reduces the number of miles the components for your products have to travel which equates to less energy, less air pollution and lower CO2e
  • Local supply means that more goods travel on large, more environmentally friendly road hauliers rather than air or ship
  • Local supply significantly reduce the risk of the supply chain. Our use of alternative technology and local suppliers meant that we had no supply chain issues during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Our carbon footprint is accredited to Carbon PAS2050

Can this really make a difference?

Does the cleaning product range you buy really make a difference? A yield analysis of your business can provide a specific answer to this question, but BioHygiene has saved customers up to 5kgs CO2e for every £1 spent on their cleaning basket
  • 500T CO2e is the equivalent of growing 8333 trees for 10 years
  • 500T CO2e is the equivalent of driving more than 100 cars for a year
  • 500T CO2e is the equivalent of the electrical use of 85 homes for a year

The UK’s Leading Biotech Cleaning Brand

  • New generation of cleaning technology made from naturally derived ingredients
  • Reduced plastic pollution and CO2e from PCR bottles
  • Responsibly sourced packaging made from 100% recycled, FSC-certified cardboard
  • Carbon PAS2060 accredited with tree planting and VCS schemes in the UK and Amazon
  • Circular lifecycle model turning fully recycled materials into resources
  • 93% UK suppliers
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 accredited
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • No water pollution with wastewater treatment schemes
  • Minimal toxicity human and aquatic life
  • No testing on animals
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