Biotech innovators BioHygiene have once again bucked the trend and manufactured an accredited foam hand sanitiser that contains no alcohol or quats – taking the high ground in a rapidly expanding market that is saturated with harmful, unsustainable ingredients and rogue products. 

                Manufactured in the UK, the sanitiser boasts an impressive cleaning profile. Killing 99.999% of common germs, it is highly effective against viruses and bacteria, clings to hands easily due to the foam, and offers residual protection – unlike alcohol-based alternatives.

                True to the company’s principles of environmental responsibility, the product is derived from natural and sustainable technology, whilst being 100% biodegradable and safer for the user than traditional hand sanitisers.

               “There is a common misconception that a hand sanitiser must be alcohol-based for it to be effective, this is simply not true – there are other options available,” said Dr Carolyn Jones, technical director at BioHygiene.

               “As many individuals will have experienced during the last few months, prolonged use of alcohol-based products can lead to dry and cracked skin, whereas our lactic acid-based sanitiser uses beauty industry technology to leave hands feeling soft and hydrated.

               “Furthermore, we are beginning to see regular stories in the news of the perils of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, with high flammability being the cause of some particularly disturbing instances. The unprecedented demand has also lead manufacturers of traditional hand sanitisers to see a shortage of raw materials, including gel thickeners. This has resulted in many non-viscous products which do not cling effectively and quickly run off the hands,” said Dr Jones.

             BioHygiene is a Cardiff-based manufacturer that employs around 60 people across Cardiff and Caerphilly, with a specialist support team across the country who can be accessed via telephone, video, or conference call. It has an independent lab testing certificate that can be supplied if needed to support any statement made. Using naturally derived, responsible ingredients, its full product range – including its All-Purpose and hand sanitisers – have seen unprecedented demand during the Coronavirus Pandemic.