We’ve worked round the clock to make sure being tough on stains and kinder to our planet is an easy choice.​
Our advanced formula harnesses the power of biology and naturally-derived ingredients to remove stains and restores softness, whilst odour-neutralising technology and added fragrances leave fabrics with luxurious long-lasting freshness. All products come in 100% recyclable packaging and have sustainable formulations which have a better impact on our planet. 

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Eco-Laundry Destainer

An excellent cleaner and destainer for all types of fabric (except nylon and wool), including coloureds. Works synergistically with Eco Laundry Detergent (Bio) to produce very clean results on colours and white fabrics.

Eco-Laundry Detergent

An eco-friendly enzymatic detergent with naturally-derived ingredients that cleans deeply and leaves fabrics with luxurious long-lasting freshness.

Eco-Laundry Softener

A naturally derived fabric softener based on a sustainable vegetable derived active. Built in antistatic agent makes ironing easier, reduces creases and extends fabric life whilst improving fabric softness.

5 Reasons to Switch to BioHygiene

  • Superior stain removal
    Whereas most traditional detergents make use of damaging chemicals, eco-laundry products contain a medley of enzymes that deliver excellent cleaning of both organic stains and heavy soiling. The enzymes cover all stain types and help enhance colouring – where many traditional products can leave colours looking dull and worn. Our biotech-powered product also suspends soil to prevent re-deposition and – due to a lack of destructive ingredients – leave fabrics smelling fresh and clean for longer. Many existing detergents also require high temperatures for a successful wash. Whereas enzymes prevent the need for washing at high temperatures – ensuring savings on energy and cost savings.
  • Reduced environmental impact
    Traditional chemical products on the market contain a cocktail of chemicals such as phosphates, synthetic polymers, quats, formaldehyde, bleach and more. Phosphates, in particular, possess a high level of aquatic toxicity, fuelling algae overgrowth, cutting water oxygen levels and having a devastating effect on marine life.</p> <p>Biotech-based products are phosphate free and formulated with environmentally favourable ingredients, enzymes and naturally derived water softeners, using surfactants from plant-based, sustainable resources. It is also 100% biodegradable. So, if there is concern around the environment and aquatic life – make the switch to biotechnology.
  • User safety
    It’s not uncommon for people to have negative reactions – such as skin irritation or allergies – to laundry detergent. This isn’t surprising considering some of the ingredients. But, the potential damage some ingredients in traditional laundry detergents can cause are far more worrying than itchy skin! Biotech-based detergent eliminates this risk, with products made using natural alternatives and no solvents a clear improvement to both user and the environment.
  • Cost savings
    The ability to wash clothes and fabrics at a lower temperature saves on both energy bills and energy use – saving the users pocket and the environment. The versatility of biotech-based detergents also means you can use the same products for hard and soft water, whites and colours and delicates – meaning the user saves on the need to purchase additional products and saves on storage space.</p> <p>Our Eco Laundry detergent’s product efficacy prevents the need to rewash, adding more savings, whilst also meaning the machine has to run less and will last longer. Washing machines are no cheap buy!
  • Sustainable packaging
    Many existing products on the market use virgin plastic to bottle and transport their products, this has a huge toll on the environment. It’s important to look out for products that use PCR plastics to bottle products, which mean there is no single use plastic. The availability of a dispenser is also recommended. This allows the user to balance the use of the products based on the quantity of the laundry. Overuse of a product can cause blockages in machines, not to mention the need for more product and therefore more packaging!

The UK’s Leading Biotech Cleaning Brand

  • New generation of cleaning technology made from naturally derived ingredients
  • Reduced plastic pollution and CO2e from PCR bottles
  • Responsibly sourced packaging made from 100% recycled, FSC-certified cardboard
  • Carbon PAS2060 accredited with tree planting and VCS schemes in the UK and Amazon
  • Circular lifecycle model turning fully recycled materials into resources
  • 93% UK suppliers
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 accredited
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • No water pollution with wastewater treatment schemes
  • Minimal toxicity human and aquatic life
  • No testing on animals
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