Customer Review – Facilities Manager

In these unprecedented times, and at a time when we are busier than ever as a company, it has never been more important for complete customer satisfaction in both our products and our customer service. 

The following review is from a Facilities Manager at a well-known printing business – and it means a lot to us to hear such positive feedback –


We are a printing business, and we operate 24/7, 365. We have continued all the way through the COVID pandemic. We have been using numerous BioHygiene products for a number of years, Julie Dennis (sales team) has worked hard to find and supply the very best products for our requirements. 


All-purpose sanitiser: 


We have been using the all-purpose sanitiser for a number of years. Mainly we were using the sanitiser for cleaning tasks carried out by the on-site facilities team. When COVID came along there was a requirement for our production teams and other teams across our site to sanitise their work areas on a regular basis. Supplies of sanitiser products become increasingly difficult to source. With either low stock volumes available or restricted purchasing volumes from some suppliers. 

BioHygiene gave me the solution for supplying adequate volumes of sanitiser for use by our staff on site. The sanitiser had just been approved for use for COVID-19. We purchased a large volume of sanitiser in spray bottles. We then issued these to our staff on site. We then purchased the concentrated sanitiser. Now we are using the concentrated sanitiser to refill the empty spray bottles. This has helped us to maintain a good supply of sanitiser and also has reduced the amount of plastic we dispose of from the use of the concentrated solution. We have the same process across the whole of our site. 


The Foam Hand Sanitiser: 


Like many things hand sanitisers have increasingly been difficult to get hold since the start of the COVID pandemic. The business has struggled to get hold of supplies and when supplies have been sourced we have had concerns around the safety of some of the products. We found that for virtually all products we have been unable to get MSDS to carry out a COSHH assessment. This is particularly important within our organisation to ensure the safety of the products that we expose our staff to. 

Some of the products we received have basically been rocket fuel. Testing some of the products for ourselves we found they were so flammable that we have had to store them in specialised flammable storage cabinets.  

Along comes BioHygiene’s Foam hand sanitiser. We conducted a trial of this product. Our staff like the product. It also ticks all the boxes regarding COSHH and is very safe for the user. The product has been adopted across the entire site with no other hand sanitiser now being used for general use. 

Something else we have been doing on site is providing all visitors to the site with a hygiene pack. These hygiene packs contain site guidance notes, face coverings and some hand sanitiser for the visitor to use whilst on site, they then keep this pack when they leave. This remains the only place on site where alcohol-based hand sanitisers are still being used.  We now plan to replace the alcohol-based sanitisers with BioHygiene’s new foam hand sanitiser in the small bottles. We will also be setting up dispensers in key areas across the site which will use the bulk fill packs. 

The best thing here with both of these products is we have a product that is safe to use and a consistent reliable supply – something that is vital for us as a business.