COVID Policy

COVID Policy

There is currently a global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus. The seriousness of the illness and the rapid spread has resulted in the government  issuing social distancing guidelines which are aimed at keeping everyone safe and assisting in minimising the impact of the virus. This also includes the closure of various retail and production  premises.

Biological Preparations Ltd are classed as a key supplier as products made are of vital importance in assisting the national management of Covid-19.

With health and safety as our top priority, we have introduced enhanced, preventative health and safety measures on our premises to ensure visitors and staff are well protected against the risk of Coronavirus.

Isolation and Health Questionnaires

  • Employees presenting with typical Covid-19 symptoms will not attend work. They will self-isolate as per NHS guidelines.
  • Agency personnel will complete a health questionnaire at the agency prior to attending the factory and this questionnaire will be sent to the Operations Manager for review prior to engagement of the operative even if there are no aspects giving rise for concern.
  • Casual workers will complete a health questionnaire, if possible before entering the factory.  This will be reviewed before they are put to work and acted on accordingly if necessary.
  • Visitors who have pre-planned appointments will not be permitted to come to the factory. If the meeting is critical and unavoidable due to business stability, the person they are meeting with will request the visitor completes a health questionnaire and submit it prior to attending the premises.
  • Visitors to the factory are encouraged to arrange an appointment at a later date, carry out the meeting at a time when the number of personnel in the factory is minimal or via electronic media, e.g. Microsoft Teams
  • Unauthorised visitors attending the factory will not be permitted entry.
  • Biological Preparations Group Ltd employees who normally work in other divisions but are seconded to the factory temporarily will complete a health questionnaire prior to attending the factory and send it to the Operations Manager. This will be reviewed before they are put to work and acted on accordingly if necessary.

Personal Temperature Monitoring

  • Every day at the start of the working period the temperature of all persons will be taken using a non-contact infrared thermometer.
  • Any person who has a temperature >=38oC will be instructed to return home and implement self-isolation procedures.
  • All employees will be made aware that a person has had to leave the premises due to a high temperature.
  • Temperature monitoring is mandatory and applies to all levels of personnel attending the factory. A refusal to have the check carried out will result in immediate suspension from work pending a formal investigation.

Physical Separation

Efforts have been made to ensure a 2 meter separation between personnel when possible, including a one-way system throughout the factory floor.

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  • Reduced plastic pollution and CO2e from PCR bottles
  • Responsibly sourced packaging made from 100% recycled, FSC-certified cardboard
  • Carbon PAS2060 accredited with tree planting and VCS schemes in the UK and Amazon
  • Circular lifecycle model turning fully recycled materials into resources
  • 93% UK suppliers
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