Why Choose BioHygiene?

BioHygiene is the UK market leader in biological and ecological cleaning solutions, customer training and support. Manufactured in our UK facility, our products rank amongst the most innovative, effective and eco-friendly currently available.

The way we treat our customers today determines the future of our business, so our priority is always to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.

Combining decades of product development experience with a strong field support team, we provide products, training and customer support to ensure our clients can improve their cleaning performance and odour control at the lowest cost, carbon footprint and environmental impact possible.

Our products have been chosen for efficacy first, with our unique technology offering many advantages over traditional solutions.


We have built a strong reputation for developing innovative alternatives to raw materials that are known to be harmful to human health or damaging to the environment.


We use local suppliers wherever possible and produce locally within the UK under our strictly controlled ISO 9001:2008-certified Quality Management System


Focused around customers, our field support team, client portals and training programmes provide peace of mind that your cleaning needs are our priority

Customer benefits

  • Customers are our first priority
    For a product business, customer satisfaction and the ability to grow and develop with our customers is vital to ensure the relationship is maintained. We never take our customers for granted.
  • Biotechnology experts
    Our technologies are chosen for efficacy first, bringing significant advantage over more traditional cleaners while also offering a more environmentally responsible and safety conscious approach
  • Proven science
    We prove everything we claim with strong scientific data.
  • Quality
    We carry out all stages of the manufacturing process ourselves and they are all strictly controlled under our ISO 9001: 2008
  • UK Production and local supply
    We believe our customers are looking for low carbon footprint sustainable solutions to their problems. We aim to provide locally sourced and produced products and solutions to improve our impact on the environment.