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Our Sanitisers – Frequently Asked Questions

Date: 21 April 2020 | By: biologicalprep
In light of the current pandemic, we have been receiving numerous questions about the company, our sanitisers and other products in the BioHygiene range. Therefore, we thought a short blog of FAQs would go along way to helping others who had similar questions - we hope these help.

Who are Biological Preparations and BioHygiene?

Biological Preparations are UK market leaders in the manufacture of products based on microbial, plant extract and enzyme technology. This technology has been developed and is applied across a number of industrial and commercial sectors.

BioHygiene is a division of Biological Preparations that utilises these advancements in biotechnology within its range cleaning products to deliver highly effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Where are you based?

BioHygiene is a UK manufacturer, our head office is in Cardiff and our factory and laboratory is in Caerphilly, where we employ locally and utilise a UK supply chain wherever possible.

What is the difference between Sars Cov2 and Covid 19?

SARS-COV-2 (Serious Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) is the virus which causes the disease COVID-19.

What range of Sanitisers do have?

We have had three sanitisers approved to EN14476 against the enveloped viruses for coronavirus (e.g. SARS, MERS, COV19), these are:

  • Washroom 4D
  • All-purpose Sanitiser (fragranced for general cleaning)
  • All-purpose Sanitiser (un-fragranced, suitable for food safe areas)

Are these products able to be used as a hand sanitiser?

No these are for surfaces only.

Do the products contain alcohol?

No, alcohol is not required in a surface sanitiser.

Can they be used on fabric?

Yes, they are fabric safe.

What is the difference between your sanitisers and the traditional sanitisers on the market?

The majority of sanitisers in the marketplace use quaternary ammonium chloride (quat) based technology, this is in limited supply due to the high demand at the moment.

BioHygiene’s sanitisers utilise an organic acid. Meaning not only are the products effective and environmentally responsible, they are not facing the same supply challenges that some of the traditional chemical companies are.

How have you adapted your business to cope with the current demand?

Due to current demand, we have increased our production and are now operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have optimised our production process to focus on products that are in the highest demand.

Additionally, we continue to adapt our packaging solution in order to overcome worldwide shortages. We are prioritising front line operations and the healthcare sector.

We have also increased our distribution network to increase product accessibility.

What support can you offer?

We have our own microbiologist and biochemists, available for advice and questions, as well as a network of account managers who are equipped to answer questions and provide virtual training to both distribution partners and end users. There are wall charts and educational tools readily available should this be necessary.

Do you have an antibacterial hand soap?

Yes. We have prioritised the production of our Antibac Hand Soap in addition to our EN14476 accredited sanitisers.

What other products can you supply?

As the market leader, we have taken the best technologies that we use to create a cleaning range that fulfils every modern requirement.

We use natural, renewable sources that clean deeper, tackle tough stains and remove odours at source. Due to the microbial technology, the products create a biofilm which allow a residual action long after use.

This innovation can be utilised in kitchens, housekeeping, healthcare, transport and in various markets, ranging from facilities management to hospitality and the public sector.

Please contact us to gain a greater understanding of our solutions and a list of distribution partners that can deliver our products to you.

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