Odour Neutralising Spray

How does it work?

Traditional air fresheners temporarily mask the problem but fail to address the cause of the malodour. They generally deliver a strong, often over-powering aroma to mask the bad odours which only works temporarily.

Bad smells are generally the result of volatile molecules – chemicals that evaporate quickly and penetrate the air, ending up in the nose where they bind to smell receptors.

The unique technology within our odour neutraliser permanently bonds to smelly compounds responsible for bad odours, trapping them away from the nasal receptors making the odours undetectable.

Core Benefits

  • Odour absorber binds to remove odours, rather than masking as with conventional air fresheners
  • Targets odoriferous molecules such as hydrogen sulphide, mercaptan, thioether, isolvaleric acid and ammonia based odours
  • Pleasant fragrance to provide a lasting and fresh scent while the odour neutraliser gets to work
  • Ideal for industrial and institutional use
  • Ideal for treating refuse collection areas, wheelie bins and waste stores, smoking areas, stale sweat smelling stairways and communal areas
  • Immediate and long lasting action
  • Suitable for use on most colour fast surfaces